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Herbie Kelley Model Trucks

My name is Herbie Kelley and I just wanted to show you some of the models that I have built.

View Pictures: http://www.myoldtoys.com/herbie_kelley/

1948 Sanitation Truck

I restored and own a 1948 Dodge with a 12 cubic yard GarWood rear load sanitation truck. It was a 7 year project and it now runs and operates better than new. Good luck and keep the trucks available because everyone loves a beautiful truck.

View Pictures: http://www.myoldtoys.com/green_garbage_truck/

1940s Flat Bed Truck - Orange

in 1948,49 or 50, my grandfather bought me an orange painted cab, flat bed truck...my memory, {scary though it may be at times}, remebers it having the following; a wooden flat bed, wooden barrels & boxes, a canvas cover that covered the barrels & boxes, with tie downs to brass type pins on the underside of the bed and it had a dual axle on the rear that was articulated. i have always thought it was a tonka truck but when i look at pictures of tonkas from those years the cabs are usually square nosed and i remember this truck had a long snout type front. does anyone remember a truck like that and/or can anyone help me figure out who the maker of that truck might have been.... appreciate it...

1947 Kenworth

The model is a custom built All American Toy of Salem Oregon. Painted to order. Decals by owner Ken Goudy Jr Oregon City, Oregon.

Model represents semi similar to one operated in 1947 by Lee & Eastes Auto Freight between Seattle and Yakima Washington. The tractor is a 1947 Kenworth. Customizing of trailer was done By Jim Simmons of Cheshire, Oregon.

Ken grew up around these real trucks and loved making trips in them with his father and some other drivers at Yakima. Ken is the author of Overnite While You Sleep books which tell of trucking in the Pacific Northwest. He also manufactures decals for model trucks representing carriers of days past and some of newer days too.

Submitted by Ken Goudy